Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale

Posted by Mark Wessel on May 6th, 2011

Heirloom tomato fans take notice. The finest selection of heirloom tomato plants in the Cincinnati area will be available for purchase this weekend. Amy and Tony Powell of Atwood Village Family Farm will have their beautifully raised plants at several locations.

The main sale is this weekend, May 6th and 7th at the Trinity Episcopal Garden Mart, in Covington KY. They will also be selling plants at the Bellevue KY Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Amy became interested in heirlooms the old fashioned way, her Granny grew them and saved seeds. A display of heirloom tomatoes at the Kentucky State Fair peaked their interest even further. From this point, things just kind of snowballed. They went from sharing plants with a few select friends to highly anticipated public sales.

Kellogs Breakfast

Several of Granny’s tomato varieties will be available. Big Yellow, Orange and my favorite Yellow-Red Butt will be for sale. All colors and shapes are represented in their list.  Offering tomatoes with excellent eating qualities has always been their goal.

They will also have several tomato varieties, which I refer to as Newlooms. Newlooms are recent introductions to the tomato world, which are sure to be favorite heirlooms in several decades.

Newloom Pink Berkley Tie-Dye

The quality and health of their plants are also excellent. Amy goes to great lengths to keep her plants happy and stress free.

The recent cold and rainy weather is making garden preparation very difficult. This doesn’t mean you should not go out this weekend and get your plants. The selection will never be better. And when you are shopping, tell them Wessel sent me.

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