Edible weeds increase vegetable garden yeilds.

Posted by Mark Wessel on July 24th, 2013



A new study finds that harvesting edible weeds, increases yields in the vegetable garden. Actually, this was no double blind, peer reviewed, university sponsored, monsanto approved study, it is mostly my observation after years of harvesting weeds in the garden.

As all gardeners know, weeds play a vital role in our lives. They are everywhere. We pull, spray, burn, till, curse…..the weeds in our gardening lives. How often do we take the time to eat them? If they are edible, why not? We spend all this time, effort and money on these fancy, fussy, over bred veggies, all while we ignore the survivors, the plants that have stood the test of time better than any other. Weeds.

The Amaranth pictured above is one of my favorite summer greens.The greens, when cooked have a nutty, earthy flavor and a melting texture. The bunch I am holding is so tender that even the roots were edible. The taste was similar to beets. Like many greens, amaranth contains oxalic acid. For this reason I always blanch the greens and discard the cooking liquid.

For recipes and inspiration, look to the many countries were amaranth is enjoyed, like Jamaica,Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Greece and India.


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