Our Hummingbird Feeders

Posted by Mark Wessel on August 29th, 2013

Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird

It has been many years since we have maintained a sugar water hummingbird feeder. Why bother when we can grow them.

Agastache "Tango"

Agastache “Tango”

One male and one female were present most of the summer. The first day a youngster started showing up was the last day we saw the male.

Salvia involucrata "Bethellii"

Salvia involucrata “Bethellii”

Salvias are our mainstays. Many of our varieties bloom from late spring till frost.

Salvia guaranitica "Black and Blue"

Salvia guaranitica “Black and Blue”

A few wait until September to start blooming.

Salvia "Black and Blue"

Salvia “Black and Blue”

Salvia "Wendy's Wish"

Salvia “Wendy’s Wish”

Salvia "Wendy's Wish"

Salvia “Wendy’s Wish”

Many over winter in our root cellar. Others I root cuttings.

Cardinal Climber

Cardinal Climber

Tubular flowers seem attract the most attention.

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4 Responses to “Our Hummingbird Feeders”

  1. Jeff says:

    In our yard in FLorida they love the Firespike (Odontonema strictum) and Bottle brush (Callistemon). It’s much nicer to see them at a flower than a feeder.

  2. Mark Wessel says:

    Fire spike looks like the proverbial Hummingbird magnet.

  3. sandie says:

    I did not see much action at my sugar feeder so I will try some Salvia next year. Does it work to have them near ground level? My feeder is high.

  4. Mark Wessel says:

    I don’t think it matters.

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